KSD automatic temperature separator
  KSD temperature detection case
  KSD twin-slice with automatic moulding
  BW double-sheet metal automatic forming mill
  17AM double sheet metal automatic welding and moulding device
  17AM outer crust automatic welding device
  17AM soleplate welding device
  17AM assembling machine
  Set up automatic assembling machine
  17AM semi-automatic assembling machine
  Double sheet metal temperature checking device
  Aging drying oven
  17AM straightener
  KSD temperature automatic sorting machine
  17AM automatic adjusting machine
  Silver point, Rivet
BW double-sheet metal automatic forming mill
     It fits for automatically discharging, moulding and collecting the materials for double-sheet metal with different specs and models. It can be divided into two-step and three-step moulding according to different characteristics and demand of the products. 35 to 40 sheets can be produced every minute and they have stable performance without sorting and choosing. Principal parts all adopt international name brand. We can also design and manufacture in line with different demands. BW double-sheet metal automatic forming mill
Pressure switch film automatic moulding
BW double sheet metal moulding
KSD double sheet metal moulding
BRL double sheet metal moulding
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